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New exhibition in Paris

A short note for all my parisian friends: the Antarctica exhibition will be presented at Mèdiathèque Musicale de Paris from April the 15th to 29th.

I will be in Buenos Aires. But my photographic series Details of Ephemera will be exhibited, as well as my documentary Antarctica, Looking for Gabriela.

Very proud to be part of this new tribute to my sister!

 Antarctica Exhibition (Tribute to Gabriela Conti)

April 15th-29th, 2015

Mèdiathèque Musicale de Paris

Forum des Halles, 8 Impasse Saint-Eustache, 75001 Paris, France

Tribute Evening Video

I am back to Buenos Aires, after 3 wonderful weeks spent in France, my mother’s country. The trip was amazing. I feel closer to my biological family, now.

The Tribute Exhibition and opening were incredible moments, that I have shared with my husband Leonardo, as well as many people who were friends or acquaintances of Gabriela, and whom I didn’t know.

I have been very moved by their testimonies and signs of friendship. I have been especially happy to meet two members of the ‘2048 Expedition’, with whom my sister lived her great adventure in Antarctica: Olivier Bertin and Adrien Moyaert. Thank you all, especially The City Hall of Paris’ 10th arrondissement and Agathe Simon for having organized this great event!

During the opening, a video has been directed by Agathe Simon. I wish to share it with you today.

New Homage Exhibition

I am proud to announce an Art Exhibition dedicated to my sister Gabriela Conti will soon be held in Paris.

This exhibition by Agathe Simon will be her first Homage Exhibition in France. My documentary ‘Antarctica, Looking for Gabriela’ and a series of 6 photographs I have shot in Antarctica (‘Homenage a Gabriela’) are part of this project. The opening (by invitation) will take place in Paris on February the 9th, 2015, exactly 5 years after Gabriela’s tragical death in Antarctica.

For this very event, I am pleased to fly to France. This will be my first time in my mother’s country. I am very impatient to live this great experience, accompanied by my husband Leonardo.

City Hall 10th District, Paris

Antarctica Exhibition (Tribute to Gabriela Conti)

February 10th-28th, 2015

City Hall of 10th District

72 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France


If you would like to be invited to this special event and to celebrate the memory of Gabriela Conti, feel free to reach me. Please specify if you knew Gabriela and/or her work.

My Photographic Work

I am currently working on the photographs I have taken in Antarctica. A lot of work. As my friends ask me often to show a sample of my work, I post today a first image of my project. These are air bubbles which have been confined in the ice sometimes for the last tens of thousands of years, sometimes hundreds of thousands of years. I have photographed these air bubbles on Potter Cove, evoking the fragility of life, as a tribute to Gabriela. Separated by dictatorship, we have never met.

Air bubbles captured in the ice, by Cecilia Conti – 2014

Back to Buenos Aires

I am back in Buenos Aires. But my mind is still in Antarctica.

Potter Cove by Cecilia Conti – 2014


The way back has been pretty adventurous, because of the bad weather. But I feel fulfilled by this amazing adventure. My everyday life and casual environment seem a bit weird after this experience.

This one-a-time life experience is still unfolding as it has had a big influence on my artistic work, as a photographer and videographer.

Gabriela’s travelogue

The weather is so bad that we have been locked inside for the last 3 days. Yesterday, we have had problems with water supply too.

I have time to think at my sister. To guess how she felt, being in this very base, 4 years ago, just before the beginning of her adventure.

A scientist showed me the room she had for the few nights she has spent here.


I re-read some excerpts of her travelogue, that I wish to share:

Antarctica is the continent of incertitude.

Totally true! You never know what will happen. No idea of the return date, for example. Maybe in 2 days, maybe in 2 weeks. Pretty disconcerting.

We are all aware that we could die here with disconcerting ease.

I guess this was more the case for Gabriela than me… Anyway, the weather is quite scary today, with howling wind.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of Antarctica.

It couldn’t be said better.


Thank you all for your messages and support! Even if the adventure is marvelous, I miss all of you, as well as Buenos Aires, Villa Crespo and our lovely house.

From Carlini Base

On February the 9th, I have been unable to post something about the anniversary of Gabriela’s death. Because the Internet connection was out of order.

In the meanwhile, I have worked on my art project here, as a director and photographer. My tribute to Gabriela. I have lately shot these amazing Sea Elephants, which were on the shore, at the foot of Fourcade glacier.


I live an awesome adventure.

I am in Antarctica!

I write this post from Carlini Base, in Antarctica, thanks to a limited Internet connection. I won’t be able to post any of my photographs, only these few words.

I feel very moved to be in the very place where was my sister Gabriela Conti, before the departure of the ‘2048 Expedition’.

The weather is really bad today, and the sea rough. We will celebrate tonight the 4 years of the arrival at South Pole of the expedition. On February the 9th, we will celebrate the 4 years of the death of Gabriela.

Shortlisted for a residency in Antarctica!

I am very pleased and honored to announce I have been shortlisted for a creative residency in Antarctica.

My project ‘Antarctica, Looking for Gabriela’ will be supported by the National Direction of Antarctica of the Argentinian Government and the International Organization for Antarctica.

I will shoot a documentary as well as photographs in the white continent. A wonderful experience to come!

© Leonardo Martínez