Gabriela’s travelogue

The weather is so bad that we have been locked inside for the last 3 days. Yesterday, we have had problems with water supply too.

I have time to think at my sister. To guess how she felt, being in this very base, 4 years ago, just before the beginning of her adventure.

A scientist showed me the room she had for the few nights she has spent here.


I re-read some excerpts of her travelogue, that I wish to share:

Antarctica is the continent of incertitude.

Totally true! You never know what will happen. No idea of the return date, for example. Maybe in 2 days, maybe in 2 weeks. Pretty disconcerting.

We are all aware that we could die here with disconcerting ease.

I guess this was more the case for Gabriela than me… Anyway, the weather is quite scary today, with howling wind.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of Antarctica.

It couldn’t be said better.


Thank you all for your messages and support! Even if the adventure is marvelous, I miss all of you, as well as Buenos Aires, Villa Crespo and our lovely house.

Unfolding Adventure

The life on Carlini Base is amazing. A special mixture of army rules (fixed schedule) and wild adventure (being in the middle of nowhere). We went yesterday on Fourcade Glacier for a ride on the ice with snowmobiles.

I am not sure to write a lot on my blog while being here. As I have a lot to experience and accomplish.

My art project is doing well. I work on the air bubbles captured in the ice. I have filmed some Gentoo Penguins yesterday. I think the Internet connection is OK today, in order I can post a pic.


Tonight, we party with the scientists and soldiers of the base: Argentinian pizza and asado!

From Carlini Base

On February the 9th, I have been unable to post something about the anniversary of Gabriela’s death. Because the Internet connection was out of order.

In the meanwhile, I have worked on my art project here, as a director and photographer. My tribute to Gabriela. I have lately shot these amazing Sea Elephants, which were on the shore, at the foot of Fourcade glacier.


I live an awesome adventure.

I am in Antarctica!

I write this post from Carlini Base, in Antarctica, thanks to a limited Internet connection. I won’t be able to post any of my photographs, only these few words.

I feel very moved to be in the very place where was my sister Gabriela Conti, before the departure of the ‘2048 Expedition’.

The weather is really bad today, and the sea rough. We will celebrate tonight the 4 years of the arrival at South Pole of the expedition. On February the 9th, we will celebrate the 4 years of the death of Gabriela.