Manuscripts and Books

Here are some pictures I have lately taken: manuscripts and books by Gabriela.


These traces are very intimate. A good way to feel closer to my deceased sister.


I didn’t know her books. I am very impressed. When my kids let me enough time, I can immerse myself in her universe. She makes me discover literature.

Family Archives

I am very moved today to share with you some family archives I have just received. Jules Nancy, Gabriela’s widower, has just sent them here, thanks to a friend of him who was traveling to Argentina.


Less than 3 months after having discovered my true identity, I can finally watch and touch these objects and pictures, which belong to my real family: the French maternal family (Duval, from Paris) and the Argentinian paternal family (Conti, from Córdoba).


I have taken these precious objects in picture yesterday. A lot of documents are quite old. Gabriela kept them when she left Argentina during the economical crisis.


Now, I know the past. Which I keep vivid inside me. These objects belong to my family. To have them with me (before sending them back to France for an upcoming exhibition) allows me to feel my roots and to believe in my future.