Gabriela’s travelogue

The weather is so bad that we have been locked inside for the last 3 days. Yesterday, we have had problems with water supply too.

I have time to think at my sister. To guess how she felt, being in this very base, 4 years ago, just before the beginning of her adventure.

A scientist showed me the room she had for the few nights she has spent here.


I re-read some excerpts of her travelogue, that I wish to share:

Antarctica is the continent of incertitude.

Totally true! You never know what will happen. No idea of the return date, for example. Maybe in 2 days, maybe in 2 weeks. Pretty disconcerting.

We are all aware that we could die here with disconcerting ease.

I guess this was more the case for Gabriela than me… Anyway, the weather is quite scary¬†today, with howling wind.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of Antarctica.

It couldn’t be said better.


Thank you all for your messages and support! Even if the adventure is marvelous, I miss all of you, as well as Buenos Aires, Villa Crespo and our lovely house.