French Radio celebrates Gabriela Conti

Tonight on the French Radio (Radio France), a radio play celebrates my sister Gabriela Conti. Unfortunately, there will be no Spanish version, only French.

This radio show by Agathe Simon is based on an original idea by Guillaume Sauvage, a French writer whom my sister met in Paris in 2008 during a dinner at their publisher, Claudine Beal. Then, my sister  visited Guillaume in Peru and experienced an Ayahuasca ceremony.

The radio show will be broadcast today at 11PM, meaning 7PM in Buenos Aires. Click here to listen to it online.


More infos in French on the French Radio website.

2 thoughts on “French Radio celebrates Gabriela Conti”

  1. Precisely listening to the program, as usually, from my village in the SW of France, tonight i discover your website. THANK YOU.
    Gabriela’s voice talking right now

    1. Thanks for your message and interest. Feel free to visit the New Homage Exhibition dedicated to my sister Gabriela Conti. It will be held in the City Hall of 10th district in Paris, from the 10th to the 28th of February. All the best from Buenos Aires.

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