Documentary Excerpt

Here is a 3mn excerpt of my 52mn documentary ‘Antarctica, Looking for Gabriela’. In February 2013, I went to Antarctica in order to shoot this film, following the traces of my sister Gabriela during the ‘2048 Expedition’.

This film is currently screened at the French Institute of Algiers.

Excerpt of my 52mn documentary shot in Antarctica, following the traces of my sister Gabriela Conti in '2048 Expedition'.

Homage Exhibition

The French Institute of Algiers is currently programming an exhibition dedicated to my sister Gabriela Conti. My documentary ‘Antarctica, Looking for Gabriela’ and a series of 6 photographs I have shot in Antarctica (‘Homenage a Gabriela’) are part of this exhibition.

The opening is tonight, 6PM. I won’t be present as I am unable to leave Buenos Aires at this period. But if you wish to visit it, this Homage Exhibition will take place in Algiers until October the 23rd, 2014.

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Institut Français d'Algérie